Kingdom of BahrainThe 2024 Family Business Summit hosted by KPMG in the Middle East, South Asia and Caspian region is set to take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 13th and 14th February 2024. The Summit will be hosted under the Patronage of His Excellency Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, and is aptly centered around the themed of ‘Sustaining the Legacy’ within family businesses across the region. This summit will delve into crucial topics including sustaining and renewing family business legacies, reinventing family businesses, the role of women in nurturing family legacies, diversification along with the integration of core family values, and the startup entrepreneurial mindset that drives digital innovation within family businesses.

Renowned international and regional experts will take a deep dive into generational transition in family businesses, shedding light on how prominent family businesses in the Middle East, South Asia, and Caspian region are striving to sustain their legacies, drive growth, and leverage the skills of the future generation of young leaders within the family. The keynote session and interactive workshop at the Summit will be moderated by Dr. Andrea Calabrò. Andrea Calabrò is a Full Professor of Family Business & Entrepreneurship and Co-Director of the IPAG Entrepreneurship & Family Business Center and Professor of Family Business & Entrepreneurship at IPAG Business School, France. He is the Global Academic Director of the STEP (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices) Project Global Consortium.

Reflecting on the importance of Family Businesses within the global marketplace, Harish Gopinath, Head of KPMG Enterprise in the MESAC region stated, "The challenges and opportunities faced by family businesses in this region are unique and require tailored strategies to provide an intricate balance for business leaders to leverage their success for future growth, while also looking to sustain the legacy of their enterprise for future generations. The summit will provide a platform for participants to share insights and strategies, ensuring that they have a virtuous network to be support them in sustainable growth of their family legacies."

Generational transition and innovation; Women empowerment in Family Businesses; ESG integration in family business practices; Leveraging the Start-up/ Entrepreneurial mindset to drive Digital Innovation; and Cross-border collaborations are some of the key areas that reflect the most recent trends and diverse dynamics within family businesses in the MESAC region.

Jamal Fakhro, Managing Partner, KPMG in Bahrain stated, ‘We are truly honored to host the 2024 MESAC Family Business Summit in Bahrain this year. We look forward to welcoming the family members and senior business leaders who represent some of the largest and most progressive family businesses across the region. It is also an opportunity for us to recognize, showcase and engage with some of the leading Bahraini Family business leaders to understand how they have addressed specific challenges within their operations, and leverage critical growth opportunities to foster a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange within the national marketplace."

The 2024 MESAC Family Business Summit will take place at the Gulf Convention Centre, in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is scheduled for the 13-14 February 2024. It will be an opportunity for participants to learn from insightful presentations and discussions focusing on the latest trends and opportunities for family businesses; interact and engage with advisors and leaders from family-owned companies; connect and network with leaders of family businesses from across the region and like-minded professionals. The summit is particularly beneficial for owners of family-owned businesses, young emerging leaders taking on greater responsibilities within their family businesses, and directors or senior management of family-owned companies.