In today's turbulent economy, businesses that are not digitally transformed are at a serious disadvantage.

Our annual technology survey explores the importance of intentional digital transformation and argues that businesses that are not intentional about their digital transformation efforts are simply going through the motions.

Whilst having faith in your digital transformation is important, no organization is immune to financial pressures. The last 12 months have brought a lot of uncertainty with pressures on leaders to achieve targets in a changing environment – but some have thrived under these circumstances. 

Some part of the world seem to be moving more quickly than others. In the Americas, for instance, only 24 percent of organizations report a significant increase in profitability and performance from investments in data and analytics; that rises to 28 percent in EMA and 35 percent in ASPAC. These regions are seeing more noteworthy gains across the board.

To see better performance from converting prospects into buyers and boosting the loyalty of existing customers, organizations need their digital evolution journeys to become more efficient and remove any potential frustration. Those that do this are more likely to see quicker returns on their investment.

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