Venture Pulse Regional insights

VC trends from around the world.

VC trends from around the world.

  • VC deal value drops to $70.7 billion

  • Deal volume remains robust reaching 3723 deals

  • First-time venture financings have strong start to the year

  • Venture fundraising roars off to a massive start to the year

  • Follow-on funds attract higher percentage of overall fundraising

  • US sees 5 deals over $500 million in Q1’22

  • VC investment reaches $95.2 billion invested across 3946 deals

  • Valuations remain near record highs

  • Canadian VC boom continues with surge in mega deals

  • Blockchain and biotech well represented in top 10 deals

  • Venture financing in Brazil surpasses $1.5 billion for third consecutive quarter

  • Investment remains strong in Europe - with over $31.7 billion invested on 2219 deals

  • Early-stage deals decline in value and volume

  • Corporate VC investment surpasses $14 billion for second time ever

  • First time venture financings slows to $1.5 billion on just over 500 deals

  • UK and France continue to see new heights

  • Top 10 deals spread among 6 countries

  • Venture Capital investment drops to $32.6 billion across 2712 deals

  • Exit activity remains relatively robust with close to $80 billion in value

  • Venture fundraising sluggish to start the year

  • VC invested in India reaches $7.9 billion on over 300 deals

  • Top 10 deals spread among China (4), India (3), South Korea (1), Singapore (1)