Insights from 490+ industry respondents on the biggest changes and toughest challenges ahead

How are ways of working changing in asset management and what does that mean for the future of women in the industry?

Like all industries, asset management evolved significantly through COVID-19. A whole lot has changed, including when, where, and how people work.

Drawing on key findings from the data and supplemented by interviews with industry executives and KPMG thought leaders, The 2021 Women in Asset Management Survey explores how ways of working are changing in asset management and the impact on women in the industry. The overall findings are remarkably consistent across asset classes and firm sizes. Our report:

  • Showcases the views of top female asset management professionals on the impact of COVID-19 on women in the industry.
  • Analyzes perspectives on remote and flexible work and its effect on career advancement.
  • Provides recommendations for how firms can transform their work environment to better meet the unique goals and needs of female talent.
  • Paints a clear picture of what the future for women in asset management could look like—if leaders act with purpose and vision today.

We invite you to listen to our podcast series Talking Asset Management with KPMG as we break down regulatory updates; economic, operational, and valuation challenges; potential tax implications taking place today; and other hot topics affecting the Asset Management industry.

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Let’s stay in touch. KPMG offers recommendations on best practices for increasing gender diversity and examining unique challenges and opportunities for women in the industry and more as part of KPMG’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in asset management and beyond.

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