We provide the understanding and insight to help our clients safely navigate the business transformation journey across sector, function or geography.

We help our clients to safely navigate the business transformation journey.

Operational transformation teams bring deep expertise in all aspects of business operations – from procurement to supply chain to sales and marketing – so that organisations can develop efficient and effective operations to support strategic business objectives and financial goals. These capabilities allow clients to use KPMG to support their broad enterprise transformation and operational effectiveness strategies.

How KPMG can help

Our operations analysis capability helps clients rapidly analyse
opportunities to improve effectiveness, boost profitability and capture cost savings. We challenge the status quo by providing clients with an external perspective on ways to reshape their organisation, take out significant costs and improve the quality of their revenues.

Process Analysis & Improvement

Assisting our clients in assessing their business processes, leading to a clear image of the company's status, identifying efficiency, effectiveness and improvement opportunities, providing professional assistance in re-designing business processes and implementing new operational procedures leading to improved performance. 

Project Management & Change Management

Most transformations are relentlessly complex whether they involve rolling out a business model or process change, undertaking a major platform upgrade or implementing a major policy reform. Delivery can be fraught with replans and unexpected major budget impacts. 

To help clients avoid these pitfalls, we have a core set of project managers who work with all of KPMG’s service networks to assemble the right team, the right approach, and the right delivery capability for any given transformational project or program. 

At the same time, we provide a range of required skills, methods and tools to cover major risk areas.

These include:

  • Our packaged PMO service capability
  • Data migration
  • Change management
  • Technology delivery 
  • Testing assistance
  • Program assurance 

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