Procurement in the Private Sector

Procurement in the Private Sector

Procurement has evolved into a critical partner to business functions and a source of major competitive differentiation.

Procurement has evolved into a critical partner to business functions.

KPMG can help clients tackle the challenges faced by most organisations
through enhancing their procurement efficiency and driving even more value to the business. Our procurement advisory services focus on activating structural improvements across the procurement function, making it a source of value, innovation and competitive advantage. We help clients achieve balanced business performance through better spend and category management, operational efficiency gains and improved compliance.

Contracting Authorities

Organizations are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve financial and operational performance. New regulatory requirements, globalization, increases in contract volumes and complexity have resulted in an increasing recognition of the importance and benefits of the effective contracting process.

The contracting process presents unique challenges to most organizations. They need to identify which contractual problems are doing the most damage – in terms of lost revenue, inflated costs, or unmanaged risk – and to eliminate those problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. Moreover, the organizations must ensure that the contracting process is planned in view of the required time frame, is fair and within bounds of probity.

Advisory services

  • Legal opinions on the interpretation and implementation of the applicable legislation
  • Drafting of tender documentation for procurement procedures
  • Structuring the procurement process
  • Tender evaluation assistance
  • Project management and monitoring of procurement contracts
  • Audit of procurement procedures
  • Design of internal procurement policies and procedures
  • Analysis of the best practices in procurement operating models and optimisation
  • Assistance in procurement disputes and litigation.


KPMG can help bidders achieve compliance with applicable rules, strengthen the administrative capacity of all stakeholders in monitoring, reviews and introduction of best practices; invest in skills and innovative technologies in order to meet requirements and achieve an effective and efficient procurement function.

Advisory services

  • Drafting of joint-venture agreements and subcontracting agreements
  • Preparation of tender offer and formulating requests for clarifications
  • Review of procurement contracts and assistance in contract management
  • Drafting legal opinions on the interpretation and implementation of procurement and concessions legislation.
  • Assistance in procurement disputes and litigation.

Procurement Function

In a volatile economic environment, organisations continue to cut costs across the organisation. Procurement is no exception. Globally, procurement is one of the fastest growing professions. The role of the procurement function in organizations has evolved over the past decade to become more relevant to the business.

Advisory services

  • Evaluating and addressing procurement risks and assistance in development of robust risk management strategies
  • Review of contractual agreements with third parties that typically involves an element of ‘self-reporting’ and contains audit clauses
  • Identification of compliance problem areas within procurement, risk assessment, integration of FCPA/ anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) compliance
  • Review and evaluation of the current state of a company’s procurement processes (vendor selection, tendering, contracting and purchasing) and provision of recommendation for improvements
  • Procurement and sourcing operations transformation and cost management
  • Setting up systems for planning, reporting and costs management in supply chain



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