Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Our teams help organisations take the mystery out of big data and demonstrate how to leverage data resources to produce better business outcomes.

Our teams help organisations take the mystery out of big data.

Does your data tell you the whole story?

One of the biggest business myths is that more data will automatically improve performance. Consequently, organisations are spending millions on updating information systems that are fundamentally flawed.  Executives are literally drowning in a sea of data when what they really need is greater insight.

Data is everywhere, telling us everything. But do companies really know where to look? The reality is that turning mountains of data into valuable, practical and actionable business analytics is not nearly as straightforward as people believe.

Analytics is the capacity to acquire, correlate, and transform data into insightful and actionable information, helping to enable an organisation and
its business partners to build insights into their business information, and
make better, more timely decisions.

How KPMG can help

We assist organisations with establishing a single source of the truth for data used in decision making and automating reporting and analytics for company-wide key performance indicators (KPIs) and enterprise performance metrics, designing, building and implementing a corporate-wide scorecard delivered through a set of dashboards and reports across financial, HR, operational systems and other sources.

Data Analytics

KPMG assists clients with building an “intelligent enterprise” by transforming available information to deliver intelligent business models around people, process, and technology. We design and deliver:

  • Management KPIs and Dashboards
  • Operational KPIs and Dashboards
  • Financial KPIs and Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics

Data Management & Data Modelling

KPMG assists clients with effectively understanding the requirements for data in order to transform data on a consistent basis into information providing actionable intelligence for an organisation. Our approach to effective management of information allows clients to focus on the insights and decisions that drive performance, while providing the governance, data management processes, and infrastructure to cost-effectively maintain information accuracy, timeliness, and security.

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