Welcome to the new edition of the KPMG Intellectual Property newsletter on developments in the world of copyright, patents, trade marks, designs, domains and other Intellectual Property rights (“IPRs”).


This publication of the KPMG global network gives you the opportunity to stay close to hot topics and recent developments in various jurisdictions worldwide. KPMG firms are proud of their global network of IP lawyers, enabling KPMG professionals to offer an international service to clients in this area.

A number of important laws and decisions have been made or implemented in recent months. Negotiators from different EU institutions agreed upon new rules in the Digital Markets Act. We analyze the implications for big tech companies.

A major problem in many countries, affecting not only the film and music industries but also many other sectors of the economy, is product piracy. In this edition, we take a closer look on the blocking of dynamic pirate websites in Spain and some rulings of the European Court of Justice on copyright and related rights. After long discussions and various court proceedings, the Unified Patent Court is slowly taking shape. We report on the outcome of the inaugural meeting of the Unified Patent Court’s Administrative Committee. Judgements and legislative initiatives from Belgium, Argentina, Romania and Vietnam as well as the EU complete the picture.

Our IP specialists can answer inquiries in this area. Staying up to date on the latest developments, changes in law and plans for reforms, especially on a global scale can be challenging.

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