Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

In an environment of increasing emphasis on corporate accountability, accurate and transparent financial reporting, and ethical business practices, companies are more intent than ever on maximizing their internal control system, risk management and corporate governance processes.

Internal Audit

Growing demands from stakeholders, heightened external scrutiny, spiraling compliance and assurance costs, and higher business performance expectations have driven this item to the top of corporate agendas. Internal audit is in many companies often elevated from pure compliance to a function that regularly reviews the risk profile for emerging risks and identifies trends as it keeps its finger on the pulse of business performance.

The Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services team of KPMG in Bulgaria can help companies stay on track and deal with various risks. Through our extensive experience, our interdisciplinary approach and our access to the resources of the KPMG network, we can help organizations turn compliance into a critical investment that can underpin their long-term growth, value and sustainability.

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