Going beyond the data

Going beyond the data

Effective management and use of data can mean success or failure.

Effective management and use of data can mean success or failure.


In many ways our businesses are founded on data and analytics (D&A). For the past two decades we have steadily built our specialist D&A capability and now have more than 3,500 D&A professionals within the KPMG network. - Mark Toon, CEO, KPMG Capital

Deep D&A skills and business expertise help unlock actionable business insights.

In today’s digital and data-intensive economy, effective management and use of data can mean the difference between business success and failure. It is calculated that more data has been produced in the past 2 years than in the rest of human history combined. Clients are grappling not only with the volume and complexity of their data, but also how to unlock the value in data and to use it as a source of competitive advantage.

Our experience shows that it takes more than sophisticated analytics to derive tangible business value from data. The KPMG difference is the combination of deep D&A skills with our business expertise to help clients unlock real, actionable insights to make transformative business decisions.

KPMG Capital: Investing in D&A

Last year, we formed KPMG Capital*, an investment vehicle created to accelerate innovation in D&A and bring services to market faster through our network of member firms.

We are making strategic investments in new assets and through alliances with world-class companies to access new technologies, knowledge, innovation and talent.

Across the globe, significant investments in such areas as predictive analytics and customer experience analytics are adding to capabilities that clients can access, including the following:

  • KPMG in the US acquired Link Analytics, a company that specializes in developing scalable business analytics applications.
  • As part of its strategy to foster an ecosystem of innovation in D&A, mobile and other technologies, KPMG in the UK struck a strategic partnership with Chelsea Apps Factory (CAF), a firm specializing in mobile enterprise applications.
  • KPMG in Australia acquired social media intelligence company SR7 to enhance its digital consulting services in such areas as social media risk and mitigation.

Collaborative innovation

With a growing network, we enable strong collaboration globally to help ensure that clients have ready access to knowledge, talent and resources to meet their requirements anywhere in the world.

To stimulate continued innovation in D&A, we established the KPMG Insights Labs, our global D&A innovation hubs. With locations in the US, the UK and India, the Insights Labs enable our D&A professionals to collaborate across practices and with clients to develop and test data-driven applications.

D&A is a strategic priority

D&A expertise and innovation helps to benefit clients

across all KPMG service lines, and we have made expanding our capabilities in this critical area one of our top strategic priorities. We are taking a number of important steps to develop the knowledge and innovative solutions for delivering insight-rich D&A solutions to help clients implement the right strategies to address critical risk, performance and growth issues.


“Many of the world’s largest and most prominent organizations continue to demonstrate their confidence in KPMG, inviting us to shape their most transformative and strategic initiatives.” - Christian Rast, Global Head of Data & Analytics

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