Belgium-Holland Desk

Belgium-Holland Desk

The Belgium-Holland Desk draws on specific knowledge of the implications of the tax relationship between Belgium and Holland

We work out the implications of the tax relationship between Belgium and Holland

The Belgium-Holland Desk is part of the Tax and Legal Practice of KPMG in Belgium. Its primary objective is to advise and assist Dutch clients with tax affinity in Belgium as well as Belgian clients with tax affinity in the Netherlands. 

How KPMG can help you

Our team of tax advisers provides advice in various tax areas: 

  • Direct taxation (corporate taxation, individual taxation, both for residents and non-residents)
  • Indirect taxation (VAT & customs)
  • Estate planning
  • International taxation (double tax treaties, etc.)
  • Company Law
  • Social & Employment Law 

We combine highly specialized tax advice with a wide knowledge of our clients business, enabling us to provide tailor made services. We can assist you with: 

  • Tax Compliance (Corporate Tax, VAT, Customs, IES, in respect of resident or non-resident tax subjects) including online filings of returns, individual statements,etc.
  • Migration of companies and individual persons
  • Cross border reorganizations
  • Recuperation of input-VAT for non-VAT registered taxable persons in Belgium
  • Identification of tax opportunities and risks in both countries for legal entities, subsidiaries, branches and individuals
  • Fiscal optimization of transnational structures in the most effective way by collaborating with the Tax Innovation Center within KPMG Belgium and KPMG Meijburg and other service lines
  • Registration of a branch or representative office and advising on the corporate, VAT and personal tax issues
  • Communication with the Tax authorities and the preparation of tax audits
  • Advise on Employee Taxation, salary splits and secondments, including advise on social security aspects
  • Real Estate Structuring
  • Assistance with the start up of activities in Belgium (a.o. organisation of administration, set up of chart of accounts, bookkeeping)
  • Estate planning advice (inheritance planning for individuals and family owned businesses, partnerships, donations, optimization of marital contracts)


We have extensive experience with advising clients on the implications of the tax relationship between Belgium and Holland, having advised a large number of clients within a wide range of companies such as multinationals and family-owned enterprises. We offer a customized approach developed in close cooperation with clients and our colleagues from KPMG Meijburg in Holland and other relevant KPMG service lines.

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