On Wednesday, 9 February our webinar on "Powered HR and ServiceNow" took place.

We deep dived into the results of our recent HR research, our global approach for HR transformations and a demo of a technology platform to support the employee experience.

Please find below some key takeaways:

  • HR must reinvent itself, to adapt and reconsider its size, structure, and delivery model
  • We at KPMG have extensive experience as HR transformation professionals
  • We have a wealth of assets based on global experiences to plug & play, and accelerate your HR transformation and digitalization
  • We have experience with implementing ServiceNow as a tool to improve your HR efficiency and drive employee experience


Relive the webinar

During this webinar we provided insights on the following topics:

  • The future of HR: results of KPMG ‘HR Pathfinding’ research. Via in-depth conversations with global HR leaders that have demonstrated ‘pathfinding’ characteristics, KPMG has distilled some recurring themes that mark the challenges organizations are facing today in a disrupted world.
  • KPMG’s Powered framework: how can this framework actually help you and your organization?
  • Demo of ServiceNow HRSD, a market leading HR Service Delivery tool, to what extent can you boost your Employee Experience and Operational Efficiency?

If you missed the webinar or would like to revisit it, we invite you to watch the recording and download the slides.

Watch the recording

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