The use of cryptoassets is on the rise, not just as direct investments but also throughout companies’ supply chains.

Digital assets or so-called cryptoassets are becoming increasingly common but what are they and how might you record them in your financial statements? 

With limited-scope guidance starting to emerge under IFRS® Standards, it’s key that you understand their form and substance, and the rights and obligations they convey.

Determining the impact

If you hold cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoins, Ether etc.) or other cryptoassets (e.g. tokens) or if you are a broker-trader or miner, you could see impacts on your profit or loss, assets, tax and KPIs.

IFRS guidance is emerging

The IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) issued its tentative agenda decision – Holdings of Cryptocurrencies – in March 2019.

Find out more

Read our four-page flyer (PDF 123 KB) to understand the potential accounting and tax implications arising from cryptoassets and the actions you may need to take.

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