There is a next in every industry – a next generation of products, services and content. We invite you to explore the future ecosystem with us, because nothing propels the world forward faster than embracing new ideas together. See it sooner with KPMG.


  • A whole industry exploring limitless white spots - mission (im)possible?
    Today, auto execs are surrounded by virtually unlimited white spots. The world has changed and unpredictable development cycles, indefinite touchpoints, incoherent technological roadmaps and corporate cultures are the new normal. It’s time to join forces, re-center around a strong asset-based heritage, wisely conquer new white spots and find out how and where asset-based companies can really compete with non-asset based digital giants who claim the same roles, touchpoints and profit streams.
  • You need roots to grow: Product focus is a good basis, but it’s not enough
    Not all spots are entirely white: The strength of the auto business is its absolute dedication to zero error tolerance and its longstanding heritage in mastering the world’s most complex manufacturing process. There is no doubt that the product “car” will be an essential part of the future ecosystem - but only one of many. It’s certainly no time to lean back, but while many asset-based trends quickly dominate the press, they do not disrupt the entire market from one day to the next.
  • Putting customer value first means steering services away from the product
    In an auto mindset, there are plenty of successful car-driven services. But services have always been subordinate to the car itself; serving merely as sales support and never being the actual selling point. Inventing “service reloaded” will require asset-based companies to get out of the comfort zone: Extricating services from the product and its lifecycle by creating services across the whole customer lifecycle will pave the road to success in the future ecosystem.
  • The downstream is already claimed – recognize the value of the upstream
    The third core element of the future ecosystem will be the content provided to passengers before, after and during travel. Downstream content is over-managed and already claimed by the ecosystem’s non-asset based players. So car companies should focus on co-integrating rather than owning the downstream. Auto companies should rather focus on the value of today’s largely unmanaged field of vehicle-generated upstream data: It is easier to claim and not mandated by non-asset based players.
  • The auto business is part of an open, dynamic & self-organizing ecosystem
    Success in this ecosystem will not be attained by a single entity dominating the whole. Each player must identify its role and define an individual field of play to create its own platform. In this new world, consolidating with industry peers may be the only way for the auto business to survive and keep up with non-asset based ecosystem players. Finding the right balance between where to compete, cooperate and co-integrate is key. There are exciting times ahead; let’s embrace the change!