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With a global network of over 14,000 data and technology professionals – including leading data scientists and engineers – member firms can leverage the latest KPMG data, analytics, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence technologies to help build and deliver solutions for clients’ unique business needs.

Latest thinking

Looking for inspiration or new thinking on how to use data, AI & emerging technologies to reduce risk, improve growth, control costs or to keep on top of competitive trends?

Explore data-driven thought leadership from across the KPMG global network.

Find out how today’s digital leaders are getting future ready in the latest KPMG digital transformation research study.

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A guide to creating policies, governance and oversight of AI technology, as the regulatory environment continues to evolve.

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KPMG leaders with deep understanding of data science and business share their views on complex questions to help you navigate the changing landscape.

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Tune in to our discussions with KPMG advisors on establishing greater confidence in your artificial intelligence (AI) technology performance.


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Lisa Heneghan on how positivity and self-trust as a tech leader can help during a crisis.


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Our latest thinking on trusting algorithms and how you can implement governance models to protect the integrity of your data and earn the trust of your clients.

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Capabilities & solutions

KPMG capabilities and solutions help organizations enhance, accelerate, automate and augment processes and business decisions that drive growth and profitability. Learn how these tools are helping member firm clients achieve results in our client stories videos.



Business-first approach

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, KPMG helps uncover solutions to complex business challenges.

Learn what clients say about working with KPMG member firms in our client stories videos.

Global network of alliances

KPMG has strategic relationships across the emerging technology landscape — including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM Watson and Google. We co-innovate with our alliances to build leading technology solutions, helping amplify the value and capabilities member firms provide to clients.

Insights Centers

Explore data, AI & emerging technologies by collaborating with KPMG professionals and alliances in our high-tech Insights Centers. These interactive sessions aim to accelerate the delivery of data and analytics solutions and are customized to meet your unique business challenges.

Trusted data

Our approach to data, AI & emerging technologies is rooted in trust. KPMG professionals can help you take advantage of the opportunities created by new technologies through pro-active governance models, transparency and controls.


Connect with us

KPMG member firm data, AI & emerging technologies leaders employ their deep understanding of data science and business to help you navigate complex business challenges.