Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Digital requires a holistic approach to rethink and transform current financial, business and operating models.

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The accelerated pace of technology change raises some questions that go to the heart of strategic planning. Organizations may need to rethink which markets they operate in, what problems they are solving for their customers, their role in the value chain and efficacy of current operating models. They need to consider the new opportunities created by emerging technologies, and evaluate their readiness to adapt to change.

Digital does not simply mean building or acquiring expertise and resources in emerging technologies. Instead, it requires a more holistic approach to rethink and transform current financial, business and operating models. KPMG's digital strategy proposition helps put strategy before technology and answer some of these key questions for clients:

  • What does digital mean in their context - what are the most promising ideas and what is their exposure to disruption?
  • What future digital profile will help deliver their corporate vision and strategy?
  • Are these ideas feasible to implement? Will they adequately deliver desired outcomes? Have all risks and consequences been considered?
  • How to deliver value while balancing short term wins with long term goals while maintaining optionality?

KPMG professionals help clients generate value from Digital by prioritizing speed in the design and deployment of ideas, de-risking implementation through our network of experts, and enabling focus through `deal-speed' financial rigor.

Our approach to Digital Strategy is underpinned by the 9 Levers of Value framework to bring benefits to clients by:

  • Collaborating with broad group of stakeholders to ensure ideas that pass through design sprints are feasible and robust
  • Directly exposing clients to innovators and start-ups to supplement KPMG's experience and capabilities
  • Using design thinking principles to rapidly prototype, test and iterate ideas to help break fixedness in thinking and encourage innovation
  • Setting out the financial ambition and vision upfront to help focus efforts and ensure strategic alignment

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