Forensic Technology Services

Forensic Technology Services

Improving business performance while maintaining the highest levels of business integrity and control is a mandate across industries - and around the globe

This is where KPMG Forensic can help. With a combination of knowledge, experience and technology, our firms assist their clients in their efforts to achieve the highest levels of compliance and efficiency in managing records and information, developing efficient, repeatable business processes for responding to legal and regulatory requests for Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and providing effective collection, processing and hosting of ESI for review and production.

Our teams’ services begin with an approach that spans the entire Electronic Reference Model (EDRM). This integrated approach enables us to provide Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) services that can help organizations achieve measurable improvements in quality and review-team efficiency.

To help make this possible, KPMG Forensic operates in fourteen Forensic Technology data centers across KPMG (US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Netherlands, India, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Austria) as well as forensics labs through KPMG member firms around the world.

These centers provide technology, process capability, and professional support to help firms’ clients reduce the costs associated with investigations, compliance, and litigation in the areas of evidence and discovery management and the acquisition, analysis, and management of large ESI data sets.

Whether it’s a multinational cross-border investigation or a Hart-Scott Rodino Act (HSR) second request or other complex litigation, KPMG Forensic and FTS offer the subject matter depth, technological support and operational scale to help achieve efficient and effective execution. 

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