We offer comprehensive advisory services to our clients in all areas of real estate law. Our capabilities extend beyond legal expertise and can encompass additional services such as real estate tax consulting, project management, real estate project financing, and property valuations.

Key areas of focus for KPMG Law in the field of real estate include:

  • Analysis and development of real estate investment strategies, encompassing aspects such as property purchase, leasing, construction, and joint ventures
  • Conducting thorough real estate due diligence
  • Providing guidance on tenancy law and assisting with the drafting and examination of lease contracts
  • Facilitating build-to-suit transactions
  • Offering project financing solutions tailored to real estate transactions
  • Advising on construction law matters and handling EPC and EPCM contracting, including contracts based on FIDIC books
  • Providing expertise in land law and planning regulations
  • Assisting with real estate litigation cases
  • Supporting real estate management, including hotel operation projects.

With our deep understanding of real estate law and related disciplines, we are equipped to provide holistic and integrated solutions to our clients. Whether you require legal advice, tax guidance, project management support, or financial insights, our multidisciplinary approach ensures that you receive comprehensive service tailored to your specific real estate needs.

KPMG Law in Azerbaijan has been involved in a number of projects related to real estate matters. Our team has gained valuable experience during legal diagnostics of state-owned entities, due diligence of companies' real estate-related documents, preparation and review of lease agreements, preparation of sale-purchase agreements, in-depth analysis of real estate legislation in Azerbaijan, etc.