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Active development and use of electric transport are key elements for cities in the near future. Among the key benefits are zero emissions, low noise level and high efficiency.
The increase in the use of electric transport is closely linked to the expansion of charging infrastructure, increase in the number of urban mobility services with electric vehicles in their fleet, and the optimal price of electric vehicles for ultimate consumers. Therefore, the success of the adaptation of electric transport often depends on the conditions that governments create for manufacturers, dealers and users.

In our study, we talk about the level of readiness of CIS cities for the large-scale use of electric transport. To do so, we collected and analyzed data in the following areas:

  • the number of electric vehicles and electric charging stations, their ratio;
  • availability of public electric transport (electric buses, taxi, car sharing);
  • government support (tax incentives, free charging and parking);
  • production of electric transport; concepts and programs for the development of electric transport.