AASB 16 accounting solution – KPMG Lease Hub
AASB 16 accounting solution – KPMG Lease Hub

AASB 16 accounting solution – KPMG Lease Hub

KPMG's AASB 16 managed Lease accounting solution delivers accurate reporting you can trust.

A powerful AASB 16 tech solution, supported by lease accounting specialists, helping you avoid complexity and unlock value.

AASB 16 is technically complex, resource-intensive and challenging to operationalise and get right, placing unwelcome pressure on already stretched finance teams.

KPMG's easy-to-implement, AASB 16 cloud-based solution, Lease Hub, allows you to minimise the burden on your team, outsource the complexities to our lease accounting specialists and deliver accurate reporting you can trust.

Switch to Lease Hub today and get it right, from the start. It's really that simple.

Where are you on your AASB 16 compliance journey

We need confidence in the integrity of our data. It can be challenging to see who's changed what, which has resulted in miscalculations

Our proprietary workflow application runs automated validations over your data. The in-built workflows, review signoffs, and audit logs give you the added level of confidence in the integrity of your data and an audit trail to prove it.

We need an accurate and consistent approach for complex lease calculations, including for reassessments and modifications

Lease Hub is powered by a robust AASB 16 calculation engine that's automated to reduce human error and facilitates consistent reporting accuracy that you can trust. We go the extra mile with reviews by our lease accounting specialists to get your calculations right, from the start.

It has been time consuming and difficult to stay on top of every technical application of AASB 16, including when guidance changes (e.g. COVID rent concessions)

Take pressure off your team with our AASB 16 tech-solution, supported by KPMG's lease accounting specialists. We continuously monitor and evolve our solution with changing regulations, accounting, and technology so that you can focus on more complex priorities.

We have unique lease scenarios that our current system struggles to calculate, and manual workarounds in spreadsheets are difficult to manage and get right

Spreadsheets & out of the box systems can lack the functionality or flexibility needed to cater to unique lease scenarios, often requiring manual workarounds that can easily be missed or prone to error. KPMG understands these complex scenarios, the required calculations, and performs targeted reviews to focus on them. Let us worry about the practical application of any changes to your lease portfolio.

We don't have the time and resources to switch from our current solution but need a solution that “gets it right”

Switching is easy with our onboarding support - from training to opening balance reconciliations. We provide hands-on support every step of the way and can customise your reporting, including GL codes, cost centres, and asset class splits.

AASB 16 systems and spreadsheet calculations can be confusing, and we sometimes need support from someone who understands the complex accounting requirements

Lease Hub lets you automate and outsource the time-consuming tasks to us. We anticipate the issues, know what can go wrong, and provide our clients with in-built chat functionality for direct access to our on-shore KPMG accountants.

How does it work?

With Lease Hub you can achieve AASB 16 compliance in 3 easy steps.

A managed service with cloud-based-tech

Flexible pricing options so you can choose the solution that's right for you

Our lease accounting specialists can help you put together a solution that's right for you. We continuously test, monitor and evolve our solutions based on evolving regulations, accounting requirements and technology so that you can focus on the more complex priorities.

UP TO 50 LEASES 51 – 500 LEASES 501 – 5,000 LEASES 5,000+ LEASES

No additional cost for lease churn.
No hidden fees (i.e maintenance, training, hosting fees) or out-of-pocket expenses.
Training plus on-boarding support and access to lease accounting specialists via in-built chat at no additional cost.

And if you periodically need help on the more judgemental areas? You'll already know who to call.
Ease of accessing the right accounting specialists for additional advisory support, should you need help with judgements such as lease identification, assessment of lease term, and annual updates to your discount rate card*

*additional advisory services with costs dependant on your needs.