• Delivery of market leading ESG learning solution for clients
  • Key collaboration with Climateworks Centre and Monash Sustainable Development Institute

KPMG Australia has launched ‘KPMG ESG Learning Pathways,’ a new service for clients delivered in collaboration with Climateworks Centre and Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI). The aim of ESG Learning Pathways is to help clients embed ESG into their businesses and support transformation. The key focus is on helping clients to successfuly implement the ESG changes they need to deliver positive outcomes for their people, the planet and communities in which they work.

Ben Kilpatrick, KPMG Partner Customer Advisory said: “The ESG Learning Pathways program is a new client service that addresses the most urgent issues for Australia’s boards and leaders as they plan for and manage the risks and opportunities associated with ESG and the energy transition to net zero emissions.”

He said that KPMG Australia will address each of the E (environmental), the S (social), and the G (governance) (ESG) focused learning outcomes, with Climateworks and MSDI providing specialist climate and decarbonisation input for the environmental component.

“KPMG is delighted to be able to collaborate with Climateworks and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute to help fill client ESG skills gap through KPMG ESG Learning Pathways,” said Mr Kilpatrick. “It is vital to understand the opportunities business has in delivering a positive impact on the planet. To achieve the best outcomes, our communities require strong leadership and accountability at all levels of the organisation.”

Integrated ESG learning solution

KPMG ESG Learning Pathways will provide an integrated ESG learning service solution from Board and C-Suite level, right through the organisation. It will increase ESG awareness for all employees and develop specific skills to holistically enable organisations to:

  • Understand – Better understand the risks and opportunities posed to their industry and organisation by environmental and social factors to empower better decision making at all levels.
  • Enable – Enable target employee groups, such as leaders and frontline staff, to have more informed and value-add conversations with their clients, partners, suppliers and internal stakeholders.
  • Deliver – Develop the ongoing skills and capabilities to respond to the changing nature and requirements of all stakeholder groups to enable sustainable growth for their organisation.

Anna Skarbek, CEO of Climateworks Centre said: “For over a decade, Climateworks Centre has been providing independent evidence-based advice on solutions and pathways for emissions reduction, and working with industry and governments to accelerate implementation. We are pleased to be applying this work through a collaboration with KPMG and MSDI. Now is the time for all businesses to have net zero emissions plans. This program will provide access to the latest in strategy and implementation advice, and to the climate science that underpins best practice.”

Market leading expertise

Built on KPMG’s expertise in designing and delivering corporate learning solutions, the service combines market leading industry and domain expertise in environment, climate, human rights, risk, and governance.

“Together with MSDI and Climateworks Centre, KPMG Australia wants to support skills development and learning to help organisations make the changes they need to create sustainable value for all their stakeholders – be they shareholders, investors, customers, communities, employees, or suppliers,” Mr Kilpatrick said.

“We’re excited about the collaboration that will allow us to deliver a market leading modular solution that meets the changing ESG learning needs of clients across the whole of an organisation.”

About Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI)

MSDI is proud to be part of Australia’s largest and most international university – Monash University. MSDI works to understand, influence, and transform systems to achieve sustainable development in Australia and our region. It does this by collaborating with government, industry, academic and civil society partners to build knowledge and capacity and drive practical change.

About Climateworks Centre

Climateworks Centre develops independent, evidence-based solutions to assist the transition to net zero emissions for Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Climateworks is a non-profit organisation. It was co-founded in 2009 by the Myer Foundation and Monash University and works within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. 

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