The Public Accountability Committee's Inquiry into the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) has published a response to a question on notice from Brendan Lyon (dated 19 January 2022) ("Mr Lyon's Document"). This document was published to the Committee's website on 11 February 2022 without any prior notice to KPMG.

As a purpose-led organisation, we are committed to frankly and transparently examining our impact to ensure that we are asking the right questions in holding ourselves to account. This means when we get it wrong, or find we could have done better, we make sure we learn and embed what we have learned. In respect to TAHE we accept we haven’t got everything right, and we’re sorry for that.

However, we stand by our independent and objective advice to the NSW Government on TAHE matters and have always acted in an appropriate and ethical manner. KPMG firmly disagrees with Mr Lyon’s Document and is preparing a response, which we will provide to the Committee as soon as possible.

We reviewed the appropriateness of the management of the advice provided to both the NSW Treasury and Transport for NSW through an internal client acceptance, conflicts and relationship review. We have implemented improvements including delivering training on effective inter-agency relationships to government sector leaders. More broadly, we have recently established the role of Chief Purpose Officer to help hold leadership to account and ensure decisions made are consistently aligned with our values and purpose. This role now also sits on our internal committee to examine potential conflicts, perceived or otherwise.

We feel strongly about standing up for the committed professionals at KPMG referenced in the Document who go about their daily work in providing expert advice to the highest standard to clients. We fully support our people and will continue to engage in a constructive manner with the Committee in relation to the Inquiry.

It is disappointing that the Committee published Mr Lyon's Document without any notice to KPMG, but we respect the important role of the Public Accountability Committee and the serious policy matters being examined by its ongoing Inquiry into TAHE matters.