Extended reality (XR) refers to all real and/or virtual environments as well as human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables.

'X' represents a variable for any current or future spatial computing technologies, including virtual, augmented and mixed realities 'R' and the areas interpolated among them.

The objectives of this report are to help companies understand and explore XR-related opportunities, and to provide practical guidance on the implications for XR and facilitate new discussions on capabilities in the XR space.

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Uncovering the benefits of XR

This report provides insights, learnings and experiences of global XR leaders.

Global XR leaders in the following sectors were interviewed:

  • End-user hardware manufacturers
  • Software application developers
  • Futurists
  • XR digital community leaders
  • End-user experience creators
  • Academics

Enthusiasts of XR have long dreamed of, experimented with and adopted the technologies that immersed them in new worlds – one beyond the limitations of physics and time. Moving forward, how do we benefit from XR? 

We believe the industry is at an inflection point, and the time for business to act is now. We queried and sought answers from global experts and industry leaders to bring you this report. 

Through their insights, learnings and experiences on XR, we uncover how its meteoric rise with the metaverse’s popularisation can impact the future of businesses and the world we live in.

XR is inextricably linked to the technologies, industries and solutions that have converged on the concept of 'the metaverse'. 'XR', or extended reality, encompasses the concepts of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, as well as other immersive experiences.

XR has clear implications in the education, property/proptech, media and brand space, and the proliferation of XR will accelerate from improving software and hardware platforms.

In future publications, we will explore the broader concepts of the metaverse, including Web3, which brings interoperability and economies into the virtual worlds created with XR, as well as the solutions that will impact businesses across all industries.

Understanding the metaverse


  • Virtual

  • Augmented

  • Mixed

  • Immersive


  • Tokens

  • Defi

  • NFT

  • DAO


  • Fintech

  • Proptech

  • Media

  • Brand


  • Platforms

  • Services

  • Ecosystems

  • Regulation

For more in-depth insights and predictions

Download: Future of XR  >

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