2021 Fourth Industrial Revolution Benchmark

Opportunities to innovate, transform CX and drive productivity are there to be realised.

Harness the opportunities to innovate, transform CX and drive productivity.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Benchmark

The KPMG Fourth Industrial Revolution Benchmark is an annual study that shines a spotlight on corporate Australia’s levels of adoption of advanced and emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, robotics, quantum computing, 3D printing, nanotechnology, augmented reality, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, digital twins, cloud computing and 5G. In collaboration with Faethm, the research also explores the effects of these technologies on Australian industries and workforces.

The 2021 KPMG Fourth Industrial Revolution Benchmark seeks to identify moves in adoption and outlook of emerging and advanced technologies over time, to enable Australian business leaders to understand how they compare to peers, and whether they are lagging or leading. The results of this year’s research were compiled from a KPMG survey of 336 Australian business leaders between July and August 2021.

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How can Australian leaders understand the state of adoption of 4IR technologies better?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents the convergence of the physical, digital and biological worlds enabled by advanced and disruptive technologies. It represents a new epoch in human development that will bring immense opportunities and serious threats. Nations, organisations and policy makers face a tipping point as the speed and depth of the 4IR redefines our understanding of how to create value for economies and people.

Understanding the rate of adoption of advanced technologies from the 4IR is a challenge for many business leaders.

In this report we explore:

  • Our key findings
  • Awareness of 4IR concepts
  • Impact of 4IR technologies
  • Reasons for adoption
  • R&D expenditure
  • Readiness for change and reasons for lack of readiness
  • Challenges and enablers to adoption
  • Implementation

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution holds great promise for a reimagining of not just how organisations function but how society operates.

We are ready to assist our clients navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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