Resilient and relevant in the new reality

The pandemic has radically changed the environment in which financial services operate. Its catalytic impact has been obvious – super-charged digitisation sparking new business models; it ushered in an unexpected era of remote working and sharpened minds around the ESG agenda. Take a step back however, and the greatest impact has been the definition of resilience and relevance and how these two concepts underpinned the industries response to COVID-19.

In this edition of Frontiers in Finance, we discuss three of the key themes driving today’s financial services agenda. We explore the activities of some of the leading firms as they strive to become more resilient organisations. We discuss the accelerated push towards delivering digital value, both for organisations and for customers. And we share stories and ideas about how the industry is focusing on finance for humanity, using their skills and resources to create a better world.

In every article, our authors focus on providing new insights and practical advice, leveraging their deep experience and industry relationships to create articles designed to help financial services firms enhance their resilience and relevance as they prepare for the new reality.

Jim Liddy, KPMG’s Global Financial Services Chairman discusses whether financial institutions are resilient and relevant enough to thrive in the new reality in his Chairman's message, At the intersection of resilience and relevance.

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