ME Bank, also known as ME, is an Australian branchless bank with 1200 employees and over half a million customers who transformed their procurement with KPMG Powered Enterprise and Workday.

The growth of the company bought with it challenges around the manual processing of invoicing and expenses.

ME Bank chose to implement a purchase-to-pay system using Workday and KPMG Powered Enterprise which enabled them to automate their business processes and give them greater visibility across their business.

Their finance department was able to deep dive into the costs in the organisation and be more proactive around forecasting. Employees are able to submit their expenses online and the approval of those payments could happen in real time, saving the business and the employees time in getting physical signatures.

The KPMG Powered Enterprise approach helped ME Bank transform their procurement function and helped ME visualise their strategy and the change management needed to maximise the success of the technology implementation.

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