Mastering deep, meaningful and human connections with customers and colleagues will become even more important as COVID-19 continues. As businesses seek to ensure they are doing the right thing in the right way, it is helpful to have a set of principles that act as a comprehensive check list to ensure all the necessary bases are covered.

Across the world, firms are having to make remarkable changes in how they operate. In these turbulent times they are rediscovering their sense of purpose, innovating rapidly and getting closer to the communities they serve. At the heart of their response needs to be human closeness, with trust and empathy as the corner stones. The challenge they face is having to react to changing circumstances at an unprecedented pace, whilst ensuring their responses are being formulated with the very latest best practice in mind.

Mastering deep, meaningful and human connections with customers and colleagues will become even more important to business leaders as the full force of COVID-19 comes into effect. Firms that invest in ethical, trust-building behaviours now can connect emotionally with their customers, provide invaluable support and secure long term loyalty. As well as providing thousands with kindness in uncertain times, those that get this right will both help protect their business and lay the seeds of future growth.

The virus will be a big accelerant for remote working and online education. It is likely that this shift will impact morale, productivity and mental health of workers throughout the globe and businesses need to prepare for it.

As the global situation becomes more complex, how and when companies should lend support is still uncharted territory. Unlike disaster relief, there is no roadmap or recipe for company involvement. However, companies must continue to keep their employees' trust, understand evolving consumer and community needs, and provide products, services and resources where appropriate.

We are already seeing companies innovating rapidly to cope with the uncertainties ahead. Working from home may become the new normal, finding unique ways to respond to customer needs being a virtual, rather than a physical, team based approach.

There is little doubt that COVID-19 will irrevocably change the way businesses will compete over the next decade. What will decide success is how businesses react to the changing fundamentals.

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