Software Asset Management – balancing risk, seeing opportunity

Software Asset Management – risks and opportunities

Find out the importance of good Software Asset Management amid the rapid evolution of IT, strict vendor compliance requirements, and cyber risk.

We look at the importance of good Software Asset Management for fast-moving businesses.

Amid rapidly evolving technologies and easy access to cloud software, the potential for an organisation to lose visibility and control over its software assets is increased. This can lead to large fines from vendors for non-compliance, unnecessary spend on licences, and cyber security vulnerabilities.

Good Software Asset Management (SAM) can help to mitigate these compliance and cyber risks, help a business to reduce costs, and dive into data for informed decision making.

However, many organisations lack a solid SAM approach and operating model.

We explore why SAM matters, how a good SAM operating model works, the difference between SAM and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), and the skills a high impact SAM manager of the future must have. We also unveil how ‘soft controls’ can make a difference.

Key to KPMG’s approach is our Software Asset Management as-a-Service (SAMaaS). It helps you build a baseline of software inventory, helps with ongoing data management, compliance management, and cost optimisation, so that good SAM becomes business as usual.

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