Supply chain risk and opportunity

Supply chain risk and opportunity

Supply chain risks – from cyber attack to compliance – could severely damage an organisation. This series explores how to get on the front foot.

This series delves into supply chain risk and how to gain deeper value from contracts.

Cyber attack, ethical breaches and non-compliance are just some of the risks that organisations could be exposed to as they grow supplier networks across the globe, and increasingly share sensitive information via technology.

An issue in any of these areas – whether it be local or far along a supplier network – could lead to severe financial and reputational damage. Incidents involving data privacy, human rights, labour rights and the environment are particularly scrutinised by stakeholders and the media.

Companies also face the practical challenge of managing countless supplier contracts that contain different terms and conditions. As a result of the volume and complexity of contracts, they could be losing out on value and competitiveness.

In this series we delve into supply chains, finding out how organisations can mitigate risks, use innovative approaches to better manage suppliers, and also extract more value from contracts.

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