Ted Talks To: video blog series

Ted Talks To: video blog series

Whether it's shifting focus in the energy mix, volatility in global commodity prices, significant regulatory reform, or disruption in the way we access and use resources; one thing remains constant – change. Keeping informed of these changes is a difficult and time consuming task.

Ted Surette


KPMG Australia


In this video series, Ted Surette, KPMG Australia's Leader of Energy & Natural Resources, provides insight into industry issues and transformation that affects the resource sector.

Other videos in the series

Ted Talks to: The Future of Hydrogen Transportation in Paris

In the 40th Ted Talks To, we explore the world of hydrogen-fuelled transportation. A fleet of Parisien taxi's are now operating on the most abundant gas in the world. Ted shares his insights from a refuelling station in the centre of Paris.

Ted Talks To: Energy Transformation from Texan Shipping Channel

On a trip to the US, Ted explores the drivers for US energy transformation in the traditional oil heartland of Houston, Texas.

Ted Talks To: Full Body Virtual Reality

Ever contemplated the commercial applications for augmented reality? Ted showcases how the Tesla suit works and its benefits to safety in the energy & resource sector. The convergence of different technologies will revolutionise how we can deliver training in a fully immersive virtual environment, particularly in response to high stress situations.

Ted Talks To: Singapore's EcoLabs Centre for Innovation in Energy

Worldwide, startups are partnering with corporates to commercialise innovative energy solutions. Ted Surette explains how Singapore's EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy is going to make breakthroughs in clean energy.

Ted Talks To: TransGrid – UNSW Battery Storage Trial

What can we learn from energy storage trials? Ted Surette visits the University of New South Wales in Sydney to see how TransGrid and UNSW are partnering together to uncover how batteries and networks can work together in flexible energy solutions.

Ted Talks To: Singapore Sustainability

From Singapore’s first inner city reservoir, Marina Barrage, Ted Surette investigates one of the National Water Agency’s innovated solutions to capture and secure a sustainable supply of water.

Ted Talks To: Mining technology and drones

The mining industry is rapidly adopting new technologies to improve business productivity, safety and efficiency. From Australia’s Parliament House, Ted Surette investigates innovations in mining technology and the use of drones.

Ted Talks To: World's largest solar powered cricket stadium

From on top of the grandstand of the Brabourne Cricket Stadium in Mumbai, India, KPMG's Ted Surette investigates the installation of the Cricket Club of India's 820kWp array, the world's largest solar rooftop array.

Ted Talks To: Electric Vehicles in India

From the streets of Gurugram, KPMG's Ted Surette explores how traditional transportation in developing countries is transitioning toward electric vehicles.

Ted Talks To: Global Energy Transformation from Brussels Conference

From the 8th Annual KPMG Global Power & Utility Conference in Brussels, Belgium, Ted reflects on the key insights that will shape our energy future.

Ted Talks To: Energy transition at KPMG Latin America Conference

Ted Surette talks about Brazil’s energy transition. Ted attended and spoke at KPMG’s 7th annual Latin American Energy & Natural Resource Conference. Key themes include: energy transition, decarbonisation and disruptive technologies.

Ted Talks To: Hydro Power in Brazil

From the tropical climate of South America, KPMG's Ted Surette discusses the role of Hydro Power generation from the world's second largest dam at Itaipu on the Brazilian and Paraguayan border.

Ted Talks To: Why Hydrogen is making headlines

From the Coregas Port Kembla facility, Ted Surette explores the potential applications and implications of hydrogen as we forecast the continued growth in the years to come.

Ted Talks To: Jawun Indigenous partnerships in West Kimberley

Ted talks about the Jawun Indigenous partnerships in West Kimberley. He explains the purpose of secondment programs and its value to Indigenous communities and secondees.

Ted Talks To: Inclusion at KPMG's Global Energy Conference 2018

Future success in the corporate world will be dependent upon businesses ability to embrace inclusion, diversity and generational change. Ted explores these themes from the 2018 KPMG Global Energy Conference in Houston, Texas.

Ted Talks To: Australia's role in Global Lithium Supply Chain

From the world largest lithium mine in Western Australia, Ted explores the production process of Lithium spodumene and Australia's role in the global lithium supply chain.

Ted Talks To: Geothermal Energy in New Zealand

From New Zealand’s North Island, Ted explores the usage of geothermal steam to produce 18 percent of the country’s energy needs.

Ted Talks To: New energy developments in China

Exploring the new energy world of storing electricity and its potential applications; Ted Surette checks in from BYD’s storage factory in China.

Ted Talks To: Large scale renewable infrastructure in Europe

From the rooftop of a sporting complex in Brussels, Belgium; Ted Surette explores one of the countries largest PV arrays and further explores this shift in solar generation demand.

Ted Talks To: Canadian wind power generation

Surrounded by 30MW of wind powered generation, Ted Surette highlights similarities and differences between Canada and Australia energy generation mix and commitment to clean energy technologies.

Ted Talks To: Tidal Energy in Nova Scotia

From Nova Scotia Canada, Ted Surette examines tidal power generation and the role clean energy generation plays in reducing our carbon footprint.

Ted Talks To: Cognitive Computing at KPMG Global Energy Conference

From Houston, Ted Surette, KPMG Australia's Industry Leader – Energy & Natural Resources, provides his perspective on the KPMG Global Energy Conference and discusses cognitive computing within the sector.

Ted Talks To: APPEA 2017 and global competitiveness

Ted provides a snapshot of APPEA’s 2017 key themes. Standing on the floor of the exhibition centre, Ted discusses risks to Australian’s global competitiveness and the need for clear and stable national energy policies.

Ted Talks To: Are you ready for driverless vehicles?

In this video, Ted jumps on board a driverless bus in Darwin and gives insight into the technology and some of the benefits and challenges these trials face in Australian conditions.

Ted Talks To: Network Innovation at South Australian Power Networks

South Australia Power Networks (SAPN) are developing and testing new technologies to provide lessons for the future design of the network. Ted provides his insights from the SAPN Innovation Centre.

Ted Talks To: Viewpoints of geo-political events on energy

Ted talks about energy and geo-political matters surrounding Brexit and the Trump Administration. Regina Mayor, KPMG Global Head for ENR comments on the business community's reaction arising from the change in energy direction and policies in the US.

Ted Talks To: Innovative Waste Management Solutions at Barangaroo South

Standing beside the waste management hopper, Ted Surette discusses what happens to the coffee grounds, take away coffee cups, food packaging and plastics. He explains how our personal actions make Bill's daily waste processing job easier.

Ted Talks To: New approach to pricing water in Victoria

KPMG's Ted Surette and Tim White discuss the new pricing reforms for water customers in Victoria and implications for businesses.

Ted Talks To: Water Sustainability solutions at Barangaroo South

From the basement of the new International Towers in Sydney, Ted explains how Sydney Harbour helps deliver with energy and water sustainability actions. He covers: the central chilled plant, rainwater saving measures, and water recycling.

Ted Talks To: Energy sustainability solutions from Barangaroo South rooftop

Barangaroo is one of the most significant waterfront transformation projects in the world. Ted Surette discusses innovations in energy sustainability adopted at the new International Towers in Sydney.

Ted Talks To: Energy Efficiency in Indigenous East Arnhem Land

From Darwin, Ted Surette examines the award-winning Manymak Project that saw BEEBOX efficiency devices trialled in indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

Ted Talks To: Ningaloo Reef – Why is it important?

Ted explores why the natural ecosystem is important to Australia and the steps the Oil & Gas industry are taking to preserve it.

Ted Talks To: Oil & Gas with Regina Mayor

From the 2016 APPEA conference, Ted is joined by plenary speaker, KPMG US Energy & Natural Resources Leader, Regina Mayor. Regina reflects on key issues of the conference and the potential future of the energy sector.

Ted Talks To: Network Tariff Reform Implementation

Standing beside two types of electricity meters, Ted explains why network businesses are discussing with the Australian Energy Regulator changes to the nature and design of network tariffs.

Ted Talks To: LNG and Developments in the Top End

With Darwin’s LNG projects as a backdrop, Ted examines the sheer magnitude of the Ichthys project. He is joined by KPMG Partner, David Howie, discussing the economic effect that large scale LNG projects have had on the development of infrastructure in the Northern Territory.

Ted Talks To: Vegetation Management in our Streets

In Australia, overgrown trees interacting with power lines causes 1 in 4 power outages, and can lead to electrocutions and bushfires. Ted explores vegetation management and explains why unsightly tree pruning in your streets is an unavoidable maintenance issue.

Ted Talks To: 2016 Energy & Natural Resources industry insights and trends

Ted shares insights into the state of the resource sector at the start of 2016, drawing upon key themes and observations from the KPMG Global CEO Outlook – Energy Perspective.

Ted Talks To: Queensland Network Reform

Ted is in Queensland talking about electricity network reform, the impending merger of electricity providers, and the draft recommendations of the recent electricity pricing enquiry.

Ted Talks To: Energy Disruption in Western Australia

Ted explores the increase in demand for energy efficient and 100 percent electric vehicles, and the steps that the RAC in Western Australia have taken to make these technologies more accessible for consumers.

Ted Talks To: Energy Generation Mix in South Australia

Ted is in Adelaide exploring the current trends of energy generation mix in South Australia, the state's reliance on existing troublesome infrastructure, the progress on the nuclear debate and he discovers that it has the highest ratio of renewable energy generation solutions in Australia.

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