David Willis

Partner, Transaction Services and Head of Private Equity

KPMG Australia

Achieving best outcomes in private equity (PE) transactions requires a whole ecosystem of intensive preparation, astute listening and finely honed negotiation skills. Fortunately, this is what David Willis excels at delivering.

David’s focus on building long-term relationships helps ensure he has the time and client’s trust to prepare a transaction properly, road test options and make the appropriate introductions. Then, when it comes time to negotiate, things are likely to go smoothly and end more profitably.

Through his private equity negotiations in the UK and Australia, David has developed a keen ability to filter the noise surrounding a transaction to reveal the business reality underneath. This dedication to due diligence, pre-empting issues and fixing weaknesses is the only way to ensure each client is buying the right company at the right price or making the most profitable exit possible. It also means his clients are well prepared for investment opportunities whenever they arise.

  • Capital Markets
  • Financial Services
  • IPO
  • Investment Management
  • Private Equity
  • Transactions
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance, FINSIA

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Tasmania

  • Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia