Corporate Tax careers

Corporate Tax

Careers for graduates: help businesses understand corporate taxation matters and unlock value for organisations.

Help businesses understand corporate taxation matters and unlock value for organisations.

Grad careers: Corporate Tax

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

KPMG Corporate Tax advises businesses to help them understand corporate tax matters and comply with ATO filing obligations. We recognise that multinational businesses face certain obstacles in managing tax across different jurisdictions and we use our local and global expertise to cut through the complexity this entails.

What does the average day look like?

One of the great aspects of Corporate Tax is that no two days are the same. This is because every client is different and therefore all our tax advice is tailored to their circumstances. The average day could involve meeting with clients or being onsite with them, researching tax law, preparing models for tax purposes and drafting tax advice.

What will I learn in the first year?

The first year is a steep learning curve, involving formal training in different aspects of the tax law as well as less formal on-the-job training. However, you will be involved in real-life client work from day one, which is a great opportunity for active learning while working.

What’s the best part of the role?

Both tax systems and our clients are quickly becoming more international and digital and so the role of a corporate tax professional is ever changing. You’ll have opportunities to develop great relationships both with colleagues and clients and collaboratively solve the tax issues that they may have. It is this combination of relationship building skills and analytical excellence that makes for a challenging and rewarding role.