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Strategy, Growth & Digital

Careers for graduates: learn about the Strategy, Growth & Digital practice.

Careers for graduates: learn about the Strategy, Growth & Digital practice.

Grad careers: Strategy, Growth & Digital

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the fundamentals of our society, economy and business models at an unprecedented pace. These trends translate not just in a radical shift in the threats faced by individuals and organisations but also in opportunities to invest in new technologies to innovate traditional approaches to risk and compliance management. Many organisations have just started their journey to pro-actively understand and manage the risks posed by Big Data and digital technologies, build an innovative culture and rethink their risk management and compliance practices for the digital age.

Our Strategy, Growth & Digital practice provides a variety of services and technical capabilities designed to assist organisations to address and successfully overcome these challenges. Our team comprises specialists with diverse backgrounds and interests. These range from data science, data governance and management, data risk management and compliance, to intelligent automation, AI, technology alliances and partnerships, RegTech and development of inhouse digital risk and assurance technologies. We all share a passion and mission to build data and digital services designed to transform the assurance and risk market.

We work with a variety of clients to:

  • Future proof the foundations of their data practices with a focus on data strategy, data governance, data management and data quality.
  • Develop new approaches and/or uplift existing capabilities to pro-actively identify, manage and remediate data risks.
  • Use new technologies and innovative approaches to effectively anticipate and manage regulatory change, regulatory compliance and remediation of high-risk areas (e.g. payroll misconduct; financial crime).
  • Select and establish partnerships and collaborations with start-ups and technology firms to innovate risk management and compliance processes.
  • Understand, identify, govern and manage the risks posed by the adoption of new technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence).
  • Conduct research on new risk areas (e.g. ethical risks of data and AI) with the collaboration of academia and think tanks.
  • Shape the public debate and thinking on upcoming regulations that will govern Big Data and new technologies.

Our services include:

  1. Data management: we build, improve, transform organisations’ data foundations to achieve an effective, compliant and trustworthy management of data assets.
  2. Data analytics: we address and solve complex risk management and compliance challenges via the adoption of data analytics and new technologies (e.g. robotics, machine learning) in order to unlock and protect organisational value.
  3. Data trust: we empower responsible innovation through the ethical and trustworthy governance, management and assurance of data, AI and other digital technologies.
  4. Data for remediation: we use data analytics and new technologies to help organisations making things right by customers, employees, and broader societal stakeholders.
  5. Regulatory change: we leverage data, new technologies and human centred design to transform how organisations anticipate, respond and manage changes to their regulatory landscape.  

What does the average day look like?

A day in our Strategy, Growth & Digital team typically starts with meeting our colleagues in one of our work hubs – office, home or client site – to discuss and agree the plan of action for the week, including priorities and 'who does what'. During the day you are likely to spend time with your manager and/or team who will coach you and give you the support that you need to get started on the projects.

In your day-to day with our Strategy, Growth & Digital practice you will assist with project activities as well as strategy and business development initiatives.

These range from organising and facilitating workshops with the client, reviewing data related regulations to provide advice on best practices, coding, reading and summarising academic research to inform the development of new methodologies, to dedicating a few hours to focus on your self-development and coaching, completing technical or soft skills training, contributing to building and improving our team culture, meeting entrepreneurs and start-ups, attending seminars and conferences.

At the start of the day (usually on Mondays) you will join the Monday Mingle where we all get together to grab a coffee or tea and have an informal chat. Towards the end of week you may grab a virtual or in-person drink and nibbles with the team to celebrate the achievements of the day or week. While throughout the week you might join one of our 'coffee roulettes' to meet and greet colleagues you do not typically work with.

Every month you will join the 'All Hands' where we celebrate our people’s successes via the 'Purple People Award', share insights from interesting projects and clients with the rest of the team, celebrate the month’s birthdays and review our performance to plan for the coming month.  

What will I learn in the first year?

In the first year we will coach and work with you to develop your foundational consulting skills. These include structured problem solving, stakeholder management, communication skills, management upward and downwards. We will also invest in your technical skills depending on your area of interest and passion and help you with building confidence and autonomy in delivering internal and client facing projects.

You will also have access to a variety of initiatives designed to develop your people management and collaboration skills.

What’s the best part of the role?

In our team you never stop learning. We are an entrepreneurial, innovative, curious team of lifelong learners who have a passion for data and technology. We support each other, share knowledge and experience to continuously invest in our capabilities, skills and be the best version of ourselves!