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HR Advisory

Careers for graduates: Advise HR Executives on their transformation priorities.

Careers for graduates: Advise HR Executives on their transformation priorities.

Grad careers: HR Advisory

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

HR functions of today carry the weight of an organisation’s workforce size and shape as well as its look and feel, often with a heavy administrative burden. COVID has highlighted the ever increasing value and importance of HR to organisational leadership.

The purpose of KPMG’s Human Resources Advisory (HRA) service lines is to advise HR Executives on their transformation priorities, including HR functional capability uplift. We help clients solve complex problems with common challenges being; the lack of proficiency in using data and analysis to target future recruitment, a greater need to plan for the shifts in workforce composition and enabling technologies, and pre and post HR transformation prioritises.

To help organisations address the needs of the evolving HR landscape, KPMG’s HRA team offers four key services to ensure that your business is agile and adaptable:

  • HR Health Check & Review, we assess the maturity of a HR operational level or function using KPMG’s Powered and leading practices insights.
  • Defining the employee experience that underpins the HR strategy and HR capabilities required to deliver.
  • Delivering end to end Transformation that is driven by the Employee Experience and uplifts HR capability through KPMG’s own methodology - Powered Target Operating Model solution.
  • Developing HR functional domain expertise (recruitment, learning etc) to create capacity and capability as required in each of the HR teams.

The HRA team is in an exciting period as we are a new and small team which is growing. We are welcoming, open and have an inclusive culture. Our leaders are passionate and engaging and care about the development of others. Our people are collaborative in approach, supportive and willing to help each other. HRA are well connected with the national P&C service line and work together to ensure that we support our people and clients and deliver the best for them.

What does the average day look like?

Due to the nature of consulting, no two days are ever the same. Working in HR Advisory is focused on our clients and problem solving. Not only will you work to support a variety of organisations, you will also work closely with different service lines within KPMG – as one collaborative team to deliver a suite of services to our clients.

We are flexible in our approach and tailor this to each individual engagement – some days you could be on a client site working side by side, other days you may be in the office or working from home. You may be focused on providing a deliverable on a client engagement, supporting internal business development and proposals or perhaps even completing training.

What will I learn in the first year?

The skills and knowledge you will acquire in your first year will be imperative to your growth and develop as a consultant. You’ll learn foundational consulting skills like written and communication skills, presentation skills and stakeholder management, as well as the importance of networking and being flexible.

You can expect to receive coaching and mentoring on owning specific components of the project to deliver, communicating with clients and learning how to apply structured thinking and methodologies to a wide range of client challenges and opportunities. You will learn how HR functions operate and how we help our clients align technology investments and operating models to support and shape business strategy and transformation.

What’s the best part of the role?

There are too many to name! It could be the people you meet and work with: they are intelligent and smart. The variety of work you will be exposed to, it being varied and rewarding. The opportunities to develop new skills and provided feedback as you will be mentored and guided throughout your journey. All this culminates in a great environment to work in.