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Careers for graduates: learn how you can identify disruptive insights and innovative ideas.

Careers for graduates: learn to identify disruptive insights and innovative ideas.

Grad careers: KPMG Futures

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

Our KPMG Futures team explores future possibilities to accelerate smart bets. We capture signals locally and globally related to social and demographic, technology, economic and political trends. From these signals we identify disruptive insights and innovation priorities to define a series of business model hypotheses for the firm and our clients. Our core competencies are research, experimentation and client and firm enablement.

What does the average day look like?

As a part of the KPMG Futures team, you will work closely with a broad range of people across industry sectors and service lines. Some activities you can expect to be involved in are:

  • signals monitoring and collection across various sources
  • research sprints to generate insights and understand future possibilities and implications on sectors, functions, organisations etc
  • apply innovation methods (design thinking, lean start up, business model canvas, ideation campaigns) to research outputs to identify concepts that showcase the art of the possible
  • build concepts/digital assets (wireframes, demos, prototypes, videos etc.) that bring insights and implications to life
  • support immersion sessions to showcase research and experiments to build awareness, engagement and dialogue.

What will I learn in the first year?

A lot! Not only will this role enable you to keep up to date with current trends across different industries and using emerging technologies first hand, but you’ll also get the opportunity to lead the discussion within the firm and with clients about the impact of future shifts in customer behaviour, technology driven innovation, and other forms of disruption.

In your first year, you will be given exposure to senior stakeholder across KPMG and the opportunity to drive your own ideas.

Furthermore, you will build your commercial, technical, research and experimentation skills as you dive into a number of exciting projects.

What’s the best part of the role?

There are too many to choose from – here are our top three:

  1. In this ever-changing space, the opportunities to make a difference are limitless. From researching an area you’re passionate about, to testing your theories of potential solutions to turning your ideas into reality – no two days are ever the same!
  2. Working closely with KPMG leadership and clients across industry sectors and service lines to understand weak signals of change in the market, and develop data driven hypothesis on the impact of emerging trends.
  3. Innovation is a key focus for KPMG, as we look at current trends to foresee what the future holds and hedge our bets on areas we should focus on. As part of KPMG Futures, you will play a key role in ensure we remain ahead of the curve and exceed the expectations of our team, stakeholders and clients.