Chief Data Office careers

Chief Data Office

Careers for graduates: learn how you can use your data capabilities to help ensure KPMG Australia is a leader.

Careers for graduates: learn how you can use your data capabilities

Your career choices: Chief Data Office

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

Our Chief Data Office (CDO) team is the centre of excellence for data capabilities within KPMG Australia. Our vision is to ensure KPMG Australia is a leader in using the right data at the right time to drive smart decisions and unlock new business opportunities. Our team achieves this through two main approaches: by developing a data community, data governance and thought leadership across our firm, and to deliver monetisable data products that enable each division to better support our clients.

The data community supports our data analysts, scientists, engineers and other data practitioners with the right thought leadership, tools and standards, and a general sense of community to better enable their careers and help our clients. The data products are also an extension of our data capabilities by enabling our data practitioners to have a conversation with our clients around benchmarks, potential areas that maybe at risk and to enable management controls to improve their business.

KPMG’s CDO is a step in the right direction as the firm understands the importance of data as a strategic asset for us and our clients. The CDO will help establish KPMG as a leader in data and enable us to better help engage with our clients, and to improve our own data capabilities.

What does the average day look like?

As a new team, there is a variety of roles that can be adopted in our journey together. An average day here within KPMG will differ based on what role you play within the team and how you can contribute and express your abilities. Though the roles will be initially ambiguous, this is an opportunity to establish yourself and your growth.

Some key outcomes we are looking to achieve:

  • Bringing leadership and communicating the value of data and data products across the firm.
  • Development of the data products including working with IT to develop the technology, and enabling discussions with data providers.
  • Enabling data governance across the firm and working alongside data stewards and other practitioners.
  • Establishing a data community across data engineering, data science and AI.
  • Producing thought leadership around relevant data topics.

There is potential to support a select number of these outcomes along your journey here.

What will I learn in the first year?

Everything you will learn within your first year at KPMG with CDO will depend upon your ambition and desire to learn. As a growing team, there is room to support in different capacities and grow in all aspects of your career.

There are a few key recommendations to help maximise your growth in your first year:

  1. Be clear of what you will learn and outcomes you want to achieve – the greater the clarity, the more we can help you achieve your goals.
  2. Be open to feedback – the team consists of leaders with decades of experience globally in data engineering, data science and AI. We are keen to help you grow and can provide you with perspective on what to focus on and develop.
  3. Focus on few, not all – to really make the most of your first year with us, we recommend focusing on delivering a few outcomes of high quality rather than focus on too many things with little outcome.

What’s the best part of the role?

The best part of the role is working shoulder-to-shoulder with a great team and joining us on a journey to establish data excellence within KPMG. The team consists of leaders in the field of data with decades of global experience across the many industries.

Being a smaller team, we are able to provide more freedom and responsibility to help you grow and achieve your outcomes. This will bring you closer to more senior stakeholders, and more room to learn, council and grow. There is never a dull day on the team and our recommendation is to be outcome-focused and feel rewarded from the journey and vision we are establishing.