Infrastructure Projects Group careers

Infrastructure Projects Group

Careers for graduates: learn how to advise on all facets of major infrastructure & real estate projects.

Learn how to advise on all facets of major infrastructure & real estate projects.

Grad careers: Infrastructure Projects Group

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

The Infrastructure & Projects Group (IPG) team advises on all facets of major infrastructure and real estate projects from investment decision through to procurement, financing, and operations.

Our services cover financial analysis and economic assessment, financial modelling, development and implementation of procurement and project delivery strategies, market engagement and interactions with bidders, and stakeholder engagement and reporting.

IPG provides these services across the transport, real estate, energy, mining and resources, social infrastructure, water and utilities, technology and communications and defence sectors.

The IPG team has a diverse educational background, and we focus on collaboration within the team and across other KPMG divisions to offer our clients the best possible advice.

What does the average day look like?

Every day is new and challenging and varies depending on the project you are working on. You could one day be undertaking research on the real estate market or conducting market soundings, then move to financial modelling, providing procurement advice for real estate, infrastructure or energy projects, being involved in large proposals or tenders for both the private and public sectors, or even helping clients understand how the energy market is transforming. You will find a network of support and resources to help you with your engagements and build trust with your clients

What will I learn in the first year?

The first year in IPG offers significant learning experiences across several sectors. This can include learning about the energy market and renewable energy projects, understanding real estate strategy, and picking up the basics of major transport or health project procurement models.

You will have opportunities to be hands-on with client work and be trusted as a key contributor in client engagements, meetings and presentations to help solve the new and complex problems presented to us.

What’s the best part of the role?

The best part of the role is the continuous opportunity to learn and work on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects and exciting energy and real estate engagements. The trust and open communication in the team is a gateway to valuable feedback which will help build your leadership and problem-solving skills and give you the confidence to be innovative and take ownership in your own work. The opportunity, people, and diversity make it a fulfilling and exciting place to work.