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Careers for graduates: learn about Audit

Careers for graduates: learn about Audit

Grad careers: Audit

In a nutshell, what does the Audit practice do?

We assist clients to meet their strategic and operational objectives through the provision of audit and assurance services. Independent audit opinions, which support the integrity and accuracy of client information, are core to our business. Our work includes helping clients to identify errors and non-compliance in internal information and controls as well as identifying opportunities for clients to improve their systems and processes.

Being part of the audit practice means you’ll build a range of skills like project management, problem solving and decision making, communication, presentation and the ability to adapt to new situations and client needs. You’ll build a keen understanding of financial and business risks and opportunities in a variety of industries such as banking and funds, real estate, insurance, consumer and retail markets, energy and natural resources and healthcare.

As a graduate, you’ll work towards obtaining your Chartered Accountant qualification, you’ll build a strong network of KPMG people and clients and you will be immersed in opportunities to learn about the diverse Australian market and international markets.

What does the average day look like?

One of the appealing aspects of the audit practice is the unpredictability and variety that our people encounter each day, so there really isn’t a ‘typical day’. Generally you’ll be juggling a wide range of responsibilities like client management via meetings or calls, performing testing over client controls and data, preparing client reporting, coaching your team and using technology to provide the best possible client experience. Working with clients of varying sizes and industries mean you’ll get to experience the diverse operations of your clients throughout their financial year; your priorities will change with theirs and each day will bring new and exciting opportunities and challenges.

Other experiences in the audit practice include business development, people management, technical and non-technical training and leadership activities. All our people are encouraged to complete community support work and, of course, key to your internal networking opportunities are KPMG events or social activities.

What will I learn in the first year?

You’ll learn a lot. We do so much more than just audit, so you’ll be learning about your clients, what they do and understanding the many ways that KPMG can help them. You’ll learn how to effectively assess business risks, determine whether controls are operating effectively and understand how these risks and controls ultimately impact a business’ financial information and future operations.

Our people work collaboratively. You will be encouraged to ask questions, challenge assumptions and methodology and work alongside your team to deliver exceptional work to your clients. Under KPMG’s performance framework, a mixture of on the job learning, together with a structured learning program will provide you with a supportive platform to develop your skills, accelerate your learning and achieve your goals.

What’s the best part of the role?

Our graduates consistently describe the most appealing aspects of their role as being the opportunities for rapid skill development. You’ll get to work on a variety of clients across many industries and you’ll have access to all parts of our client’s organisation. We have a strong team-oriented culture and you’ll always have a support network available to help you on your journey. We have such a huge cross-section of experts and a great culture. And let’s not forget the many social events.

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