Take 5 with Non-Executive Director, Rob Bazzani

Rob Bazzani

Hear from alumnus Rob Bazzani, former Victorian Chairman, National Managing Partner for Enterprise and National Head of Mergers & Acquisitions.

We catch up with KPMG alumnus and Non-Executive Director, Rob Bazzani.

Last role at KPMG National Managing Partner, Enterprise,
KPMG Australia
Time with KPMG 1998 – 2019
KPMG office Melbourne
Current roles (as of March 2020) Consulting Partner at KPMG
NED of Class Ltd and MACH7 Technologies Ltd
Chairman of Natrio Group Ltd
Chairman of NALSPA Ltd (National Automotive and Salary Packaging)

As a NED of various Boards, Rob’s career has included numerous leadership roles. Rob was the National Managing Partner of the Enterprise Division at KPMG Australia as well as a member of KPMG National Executive Committee (responsible for the Firm’s turnover, strategic decision making, profitability and operations).

Rob was also the Chairman of Victoria for seven years, National Head of Mergers & Acquisitions and Partner of Corporate Finance. Prior to commencing his 21-year career with KPMG, Rob spent several years in Investment Banking and worked as a Corporate Lawyer in Melbourne and the United States. Rob is also a former member of the Aviva Asia Holdings Ltd. Advisory Board.

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