A well-protected company has the potential to be innovative and remain confident. Smart companies not only manage cyber risks but use them as a source of growth and competitive advantage. Technology provides possibilities, but possibilities are not always secure. And while technology is as necessary as ever to meet stakeholders needs, cyber threats increase in scope and sophistication. A well planned Cyber Security concept faces these challenges with resilience and builds trust along the way.

We want to work with you and help move your business forward. Our creative professionals who are passionate about protecting your business offer technological expertise as well as deep business and industry knowledge.

At KPMG, we want to openly and honestly address the topic of Cyber Security. For this reason, we are publishing the sixth edition of our study “Cyber Security in Austria”, providing you with all up-to-date figures from our survey, in which around 450 Austrian companies participated. The main topic of the 2021 study is "The changing world", focusing on all the challenges of these unusual times. The pandemic has set many a cyber security ball rolling, and countless companies would have been happy to remain submerged for a while longer. But now is the time for action and change.

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