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The world is changing - and we are changing with it. The COVID 19 pandemic has abruptly forced Austria's companies into a digitalization push. On the one hand, this has explosively increased the opportunities, but on the other, also the risks. The past year has shown us: Austria is ready - not to say overdue - for a paradigm shift in Cyber Security.

The changing world

Austria's companies are currently better prepared for cybercrime than they were when we held our first interviews in our earliest study in 2015, but the increasing complexity, speed and interdependence imply that many of the current protective measures are no longer efficient and effective enough. Of course, there is no such thing as complete protection, neither in the real nor the virtual world, but companies need to ensure the resilience of business processes that take place in an increasingly complex environment. Step by step, every company can achieve the goal of cyber resilience.

Key Findings

Key Findings

Download: Factsheet Cyber Security 2021