KPMG Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter 2022-Q1

Valuation trends and practices

Valuation trends and practices

Valuation Newsletter

Renewable energy valuation in the global energy transition

Over the past years, a systematic shift has occurred in the world’s stance on renewable energy. The need for a global energy transition, coupled with both increased governmental support and key technological advances, are hailing in renewable energy as the next frontier and are fueling the embracement of and the optimistic investment in a sustainable future.

In this edition of our KPMG´s Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter, we introduce renewable energy, discuss the factors contributing to the recent wave of activity in renewables as well as how to approach renewable energy valuation.

Key questions:

  • What are the major renewable energy sources and what is their current position in the global energy mix?
  • What has contributed to the recent wave in renewable energy activity and investment?
  • What are the key factors to consider when performing valuations of renewable energy projects?

In addition, we share with you our summary of key capital market data such as index performance, sector multiples, risk-free rate for Austria, equity risk premium for Austria as well as country risk premiums and inflation adjusted risk-free rates for the BRICS countries.