We offer a wide range of business-related litigation services, covering everything from routine disputes in local courts to complex multidisciplinary disputes in arbitration and foreign jurisdiction courts.

One area in which we excel, thanks to our collaboration with KPMG's tax team, is tax disputes. Tax law can be intricate and unpredictable, and with each new development in the tax landscape, the context for resolving tax disputes evolves. Companies may find themselves in conflicting positions that require strategic thinking and expert guidance.

The KPMG Law team consists of specialists with extensive experience in assisting organizations in resolving tax disputes while maintaining constructive relationships with tax authorities. We can help assess the likelihood of a successful outcome, address uncertain tax positions, engage in negotiations and discussions with revenue authorities, and provide support for internal reviews.

In addition to tax disputes, our expertise extends to other areas such as real estate, construction and city planning, restructuring and insolvency, insurance, banking, and shareholders' disputes. We are well-equipped to provide comprehensive support in these fields, offering strategic advice, legal representation, and guidance throughout the entire litigation process.

All lawyers of KPMG Law have admission to the Armenian bar and have ten years of experience representing financial institutions in regulatory and corporate disputes, bankruptcy proceedings; representing construction and development companies in commercial disputes; representing software development and design companies in contract enforcement and IP disputes; representing consulting companies in contract enforcement disputes; representing private individuals in real estate disputes; representing employees and employers in labor law-related disputes, as well as representing clients from various business sectors in tax disputes and other administrative proceedings against state and local authorities.