So, what will the future of payments look like?

The payments landscape has gone through significant transformation in recent years. Technological advancements have led to step changes in innovation, with payments becoming faster, on both a local and global scale, easier and more convenient. 

This has not gone unnoticed by the regulators who are now looking into how regulation needs to adapt to meet these changes. As business and customer needs evolve, it is clear that the global payments ecosystem must be agile and open to innovation without sacrificing the financial stability the infrastructure is built on.

To bring the Future of payments to life, we gathered views from global industry leaders - spanning banking, technology, the fintech sector and regulation. We asked for their predictions of how the payments world will look in 2030 across five key pillars: politics and regulation, economics, social, technology and operations.

Our interviewees hold different opinions on many key areas. But on one issue they are unanimous: the change in payments has only just begun and those organizations that lack the agility to adapt at speed to the transformation to come, risk being left behind.

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