The Albanian Parliament has approved the Law no. 47/2023 on "Amendments and supplements to the Law no. 15/2019 "On Employment Promotion" (the "Amendment"), which enters into force on 29 July 2023. 

The main purpose of this Amendment is to update and improve the employment promotion policies for young people and special groups, mainly for persons with disabilities, ensuring efficient labor market policies, promoting inclusion, as well as strengthening the labor market.

Special groups

"Special groups" are defined by the law as a group of jobseekers who are disadvantaged in the labor market. The Amendment has made a revision of the term of "special groups", increasing the circle of persons being part of. In particular:

  • Families of individuals with disabilities - The law considered before only parents of children with disabilities as special groups. The Amendment provides a reformulation on this category of jobseekers, by including in the special groups the family members of any individuals with disabilities
  • Young people under the age of 29 - Another cumulative criterion for young people under the age of 29 to be classified as special groups, is presented. More specifically, they should be unemployed, not follow any education or attend any professional training.

Programs for the promotion of employment

The Law has undergone changes regarding employment promotion programs. New programs/schemes are provided in this Amendment, which aim to engage unemployed jobseekers in various employment programs, public works, self-employment, professional practices, or trainings such as:

a) Youth Guarantee Scheme - As part of the youth guarantee scheme, young people are offered with an employment offer/continuing education/professional practice within a four-months period from the moment of registration with the respective employment office.

b) Employment advisory for special groups - The purpose of this program is to provide more specialized orientation to special groups of the job seekers in need of support.

c) Voucher scheme for financing professional training - The voucher scheme is provided to unemployed jobseekers to cover partially or totally the costs and tariffs of any professional training course attended at any private professional training center.

Contributions to the Social Employment Fund

In case of non-employment of the mandatory number of disabled persons or persons partially able to work, in accordance with the Law mandatory requirements, the Employer shall be obliged to pay a contribution equal to 100 percent of the national minimum salary, for each disabled person or person partially able to work, who should have been employed. The contribution shall be paid each month at the account of the Social Employment Fund and shall be reflected in the monthly health and social contributions payroll declared in the online system of the General Directorate of Taxes. The National Agency for Employment and Skills will serve as the Technical Secretariat of the Social Employment Fund, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force.

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