By integrating tax, technology, immigration and mobile administration services, KPMG can help you move employees across borders in more effective ways. KPMG’s Global Mobility Services teams aim to make the world feel like a smaller place. So you receive the same level of quality and personal advice no matter which region or country where your employees work. And the remote work trend has accelerated the evolution of global mobility with the new reality of working from almost anywhere.

KPMG's Global Mobility Services practice brings a wealth of tax, technology, immigration and mobile administration services together to help make the management of global workforces easier, safer and more efficient. We are revolutionizing the future of mobility through innovation, empowering you to manage your mobile workforce with confidence.

Our practice can support various company goals, including business expansion, relocation, acquisition or streamlining existing processes to manage the current workforce. Our diverse and experienced teams work diligently to deliver this personal service on a global scale.

Our value proposition

Whether you are sending employees on an expatriate assignment, international business travel or allowing them to work remotely, proper tax planning is required. Also, efficient compliance services underpinned by a single global approach and market-leading technology tools can help your company operate efficiently and reduce assignment costs.

Considering the relatively tax-friendly situation in the UAE, local businesses may not fully appreciate the complexity of tax regimes in other jurisdictions. Failure to adhere to these systems can have adverse consequences for employees and employers. Similarly, foreign businesses and their employees entering the UAE should be aware of local policies and regulations to ensure a smooth transition.

Supporting a personal approach to service is KPMG’s exclusive KPMG LINK technology. KPMG LINK Work Force is designed to break down the borders between organizations, their employees and their vendors, offering a single technology solution that helps make managing a global workforce easy, effective and transparent.

Our services include:

  • Global Tax Compliance and Advisory services
  • Global Social Security Compliance and Advisory Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Mobility Consulting and Outsourcing Services
  • Shadow Payroll Assistance
  • Business Travel Services
  • Global Reward Services
  • International Remote working

Capabilities and solutions

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