KPMG PREVA is an online accounting solution which provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with accounting services for a low monthly fee. Our solutions are supported by cutting-edge technology. Automated tools support increased efficiency and accuracy for routine transaction processing, reducing the need for manual intervention.

An online accounting service with an allied pack of other services; statutory financial statement preparation, payroll, HR & procurement administration, VAT & CIT, PRO services, fixed assets management etc.

Accounting software for SMEs has traditionally been developed for accountants and tax professionals without keeping the business owner in mind. Because of this, business owners may sometimes give accounting lower priority than other aspects of operations. One solution for this is to outsource accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

KPMG PREVA provides a platform designed to help founders, CEOs, and leadership teams establish an accounting foundation that will scale-up as their business grows, allowing them to make more knowledgeable decisions and reach better-informed outcomes, faster.

Software and a service

KPMG PREVA is a software-enabled accounting service designed to provide business owners with tools to save time so that they can focus on business growth. We have combined the latest technology with automation tools and access to a team of accountants, consolidated in a single online platform, all without hourly fees and long-term binding contracts. Every customer gets a dedicated account manager, bookkeeper, and supporting team of accountants that you can call, email, or message via the application at any time.

Intuitive dashboards and reports

Our platform gives you instant insight and online access to your financial information through an intuitive dashboard. Customers simply log in and upload their documents either through the mobile app or through their laptops. KPMG PREVA coordinates with the automation tools and tracks the transactions in the software. Log in on your Mac, PC, tablet, or phone to get up-to-date financials. Our accounting platform is secure and reliable.

How it works

Our service offerings are based on fixed subscription fees which are tailored to each phase of your business’s life cycle.

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Gain an edge

Simplify running your small and medium business with KPMG PREVA – (Private Enterprise Virtual Accountant)

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