KPMG’s global life sciences advisory practice has broad industry knowledge and globally delivers engagements to 100% of the top 25 life sciences companies.

KPMG Lower Gulf Forensic has practical knowledge of industry issues across life sciences and intermediaries. Our leaders have significant experience across pharma, meddevices, consumer and healthcare franchises. Our team has passion and over a  decade of experience working in this industry in the Middle East. Our leadership also frequently speaks and writes on compliance issues in the life sciences industry.

KPMG Lower Gulf Forensic offers clients tailored, scalable support to rapidly respond to crisis or proactive reviews.

How KPMG Lower Gulf Forensic can help?

On-call investigations

Responding quickly to allegations of fraud or bribery instances is critical but rarely easy, especially if wrongdoing is reported in foreign countries. Having resources with the right skills, fluency in the local language, knowledge of local customs and the  ability to be deployed within days is a tall order for any organization. KPMG Lower Gulf Forensic helps clients find and assess the relevant facts concerning alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct or other improper ties such as violations of laws,  regulations or organizational policies. Our professionals provide an impartial means for legal counsel, audit, special committees and executives to establish truths, evaluate implications, identify appropriate remedial actions, submit restatements, and communicate with regulators or outside auditors when needed.

Our investigation engagements for life sciences include:

  • Financial misreporting (including channel stuffing)
  • Privileged matters for bribery and corruption escalations
  • Hosting and managed document reviews (e-discovery support)
  • Distributor excess compensation escalations (FOCs, discounts, marketing spend, expired stock)
  • Product diversion escalations
  • Employee frauds (including conflict of interest)

Proactive services

Proactive work to assist a company in complying with relevant anti-bribery and corruption rules, regulations and legislation, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act and other overseas bribery rules and regulations. Our proactive services include risk assessments, compliance program design and assessment, thirdparty management and screening, pre - and post - acquisition due diligence, compliance audits, design and implementation of reporting programs and systems, and training.

Our proactive engagements for life sciences include:

  • Distributor compliance audits
  • Reviews for monitor led remediations
  • Distributor integrity due diligence (including fair market value analysis)
  • Data analytics for channel sales

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