Identifying fraud patterns is becoming increasingly difficult. As organizations increase their use of technology in day-to-day operations, we now have access to more data and information. ‘Forensic data analytics’ (FDA) is the mechanism in which we can solve the puzzle of identifying high risk indicators of fraud. FDA involves extracting and examining of data using specialized systems and software with an aim to identify fraud/misconduct or where control gaps have been exploited or manipulated.

Various forensic data analytics techniques can effectively undercover critical trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in mass of information.

Responding to our clients’ need to translate data into actionable intelligence, KPMG can now provide them with powerful data analytics services.

Our FDA services range from the collection, preservation, and analysis of databases, to the intelligent analysis of data to find patterns providing operational insight into a company’s activities, entity relationships and any possible hidden relationships between, for instance, employees and vendors.

In addition, FDA supports several KPMG’s Forensic service offerings, including fraud risk management, fraud risk assessments, proactive and reactive fraud analysis and anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring platforms.

KPMG’s Forensic data analytics (FDA) platform

KPMG’s FDA platform is built with the latest analytics tools and technologies and is capable of processing and analyzing terabytes of data for investigations or analytics needs. Our data science playground is equipped with tools to organize unstructured data (i.e., PDF, JSON, emails, etc.) into readable format and gives us the capability to run artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm on the data. The platform allows clients to securely log into their dashboard to interact with data and receive instant insight from the analysis performed.

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