Intelligent business decisions are not only about buying well. They’re also about selling well, especially when leveraging existing and potential worth of your organization. Organizations seek valuations for corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or because management wants to understand business value better so it can make better decisions. In these instances, a company is often at a critical juncture - it may be planning an acquisition, resolving a shareholder or a joint venture dispute, or seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value. 

Our global marketplace is changing. Gaining a clear understanding of market dynamics in periods of economic change and how it affects the value of your business or assets is crucial. This is where experienced and dedicated valuation and industry specialists can help.

Whether you are considering an acquisition or disposal, involved in a commercial dispute or litigation, determining value for financial reporting, strategic review and decision support, or a group restructure, our valuation specialists are here to help.

We provide robust advice on valuation matters across multiple sectors, deal stages, and client types. Using the latest data analytics, simulations and visualisation tools, we can address the most complex modelling and valuation issues.

We offer

  • Legally driven, independent valuation opinions, including independent board advice
  • Investment and transactional advice
  • Fairness opinions
  • Accounting and financial reporting support
  • Finance support
  • Venture capital and holding company support
  • Litigation support

Our valuation services team offers a wide range of analytical services for fund managers, portfolio companies and investors.

Value Creation

M&A Deals can be catalyst for wider value creation. As a seller, being able to articulate value creation opportunities pre-deal can help capture some of that upside in the sale price. As a buyer, being able to identify and quantify value creation levers could make a difference between a successful or failed bid.

KPMG’s Value Creation team focusses on rapidly quantifying areas of operational and commercial value creation which can be used to maximize the potential from the transaction. Value Creation in deals focusses using industry insights, functional specialists, data analytics to identify pragmatic levers for rapid topline or bottom improvement which can be used by the buyer or seller to maximize value from the transaction. 

Our solutions include

  • Mark-to-market of thinly traded or illiquid securities financial modeling and analysis of equity and equity-linked securities
  • Valuations of receivables, loans, bonds and other debt instruments, asset-backed securities and retained interests in securitizations
  • Review of internal valuation methodologies and underlying calculations for individual private equity investments or entire portfolios
  • Portfolio performance review and IRR calculations
  • Valuations of option grants and cheap stock
  • Determinations of the value of loan collateral

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